We Made Soap

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When people ask us "why did you start making soap?", our answer generally surprises them. The usual assumption is that we watched "Fight Club" one too many times. In truth, our soap company spawned from the time old tradition of sitting on porches and having old fashioned conversations. 

 Soap was one topic of the past, discussing lost arts and the many things that have changed over time. "We should try making soap sometime", said Mr Q. "Hey if we get good at it, maybe we can even start a soap company!"

 Fast forward to today and over a thousand soap bars, and here we are, Countsville Soapworks.

 We've spent countless hours learning just about everything regarding soap. We've studied the process and the science behind making soap. From the history of soap,  to the best ingredients, to the qualities that are desired. 

 While our motto may be "We made soap", our standards for "soap" are pretty high, and that's why we think you'll appreciate the time and effort we invested to make our great product.